Jalapeño Salt



This is steak's new best friend. Our new Jalapeño Salt seasoning contains actual chunks of jalapeño, California roasted garlic, and a secret combination of spices and herbs. Kick up the flavors on your favorite cuts of steaks, sprinkle it on your burgers, or use it as a spicy accent to your margaritas and other rimmed cocktails. This fresh, hot and tangy seasoning blend will quickly become your new favorite multi-tasker.

Net Weight:
6.7 oz
Salt, Dehydrated vegetables (jalapeño, roasted garlic, onion), Vinegar, Spices, Sunflower oil, Sugars (cane sugar), Natural flavor.
Nutrition Facts:
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Made in USA
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  • Choose your adventure
  • Season them steaks like it’s your birthday
  • Get jalapeño feelings
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